Wednesday, 10 October 2012

To be back but somewhere else

Well, to be honest I do think that, given the limitations and restrictions, my thesis is quite boring and does not really give any added value. However, very soon a report is to be published. I had the opportunity to use the findings from my field research in this report, which feels good. As it will be available for free I will put the link here in due time. As for now, I'll just post a short summary of the report (quoting the summary in the report) and as soon as it is on the website I’ll let you know. So here it goes:

“Security sector reform (SSR) is an integral part of the international community’s efforts to build peace and enhance security in weak post-war states. It has, however, proven difficult to undertake SSR in such contexts. A number of factors constitute a challenge to create security forces that are able to provide security to the population.  

Based on previous research, this report highlights some of the challenges to SSR in weak post-war states. Through an analysis of the SSR process in the Central African Republic, this study shows that informal power structures, a volatile security situation and failure to understand how SSR is influenced by other political processes, negatively impact on the prospect for successful implementation of reforms. Furthermore, this study demonstrates that weak capacity and lack of political will on behalf of the national government, is a challenge to local ownership and sustainable reforms. Despite a holistic approach to reforms aiming to improve both the capacity of the security forces and to increase democratic control of the security institutions, insufficient international engagement, scarce resources, lack of strategic direction and inadequate donor coordination have limited the prospect for implementation of reforms.”

Well, not very surprising or new but I assure you that some of the details in the actual report are quite interesting. Read it!

As for me, we’ll see. Currently I am in Brussels and only time will tell where I go next. Insh’allah and I post again soon. 

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