Monday, 28 May 2012

Final seminars and the end of an era

I have not posted any updates on the work with the thesis in a very long time. Tomorrow I will defend it at the final seminars and as soon as that has been done I will make the necessary adjustments and post some kind of summary of the findings here.

It feels very strange that this process now is coming to an end. I have lived with this thesis for more than a year. I started to plan the field study during Christmas, one and a half years ago and soon I will have the final product in my hand. It will be  a relief but also sort of sad to let go of it. The process has been so rewarding, in so many ways.

Times goes by so fast. It is a very odd feeling to read it now when its almost finalised. The name of the final product is Security Sector Reform in Weak Post-War States - Challenges to Implementation: Insights from the Central African Republic.

I will share the findings with those interested here shortly.

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