Thursday, 1 September 2011

Rendez-vous next week

My two main contacts seem to be quite excited about meeting me which is a good sign. I have been in touch with them for more than six months and it is great to eventually be able to meet them! I have arranged to see them both next week.

One is from the international community working with SSR here in Bangui and the other is a  Central African bureaucrat working with SSR. I hope that apart from talking to them they will be able to forward me to other people that might be relevant to meet up with. Furthermore one of the neighbours who came by yesterday said that there is a man from some NGO with an office in their building who works with police reform and corruption. This can definitely be fruitful for my research.

This far everything looks promising! This weekend I am preparing for the interviews a bit although I'll meet those two in a more informal way this first time, to get a grasp of the current state of play in the SSR process. So it will be more like conversations and then I'll interview them at a later stage.

But before that I'll have a drink by the river tomorrow with a friend of a friend. Looking forward to that!

Next post comes after the meetings!

Bon weekend

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